Logistic Services

At CTC, we know that transportation is more than just delivering a shipment to its destination, but rather a continuous management of all segments, from acceptance to delivery, as one complete function.
We also know that in present ever-changing world economical climate, budgets are being stretched to their limit.
Taking into consideration above elements, our strategy, as business partner, is to provide full logistic services, while helping control costs.
Customs clearance
CTC is licensed as official Customs Clearing Agent.
This status allows completion of export/import customs formalities without referring to a third party, thus saving time and reducing cost.
We can pick-up your cargo from any place in Lebanon and arrange its delivery to the consignee’s door in more than 40 countries, in collaboration with our international partners in FORCE. Similarly, we can accept your cargo from as many as 40 countries and arrange its transport and delivery to any place in Lebanon.
Shipment between those countries is also available at very competitive prices. Please contact us for details.
Pick-up or delivery of your cargo can be effected in any place in Lebanon.
In our private warehouses in Beirut, we prepare consolidated shipments, bound for export or break-bulk import consolidations and arrange delivery at HAWB level. 
Do you need adequate packing for your cargo, as to withstand handling and ensure arrival in sound condition at destination?   
Whatever the nature of goods, our experts are at your disposal to provide proper packing material and secure packaging, in line with all transportation requirements and standing regulations.